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All insurers in the Republic of Bulgaria offering the mandatory motor third party liability insurance and/or the mandatory Passenger Accident Insurance make contributions to the Guarantee Fund in the amount determined by the Financial Supervision Commission. The Guarantee Fund is a legal entity based in the town of Sofia, 2 “Graf Ignatiev” Str., fl. 4, tel. 02/980 30 49; 02/ 980 66 72.

The Guarantee Fund pays indemnities to the persons injured in road accidents when they are caused by an unidentified motor vehicle on the territory of Bulgaria or the guilty driver does not have concluded Motor Third Party Liability Insurance. For more information, please contact the Guarantee Fund on the listed phones.

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Netins Insurance Brokers Ltd., UIC 204313448, with registered office and address of management in the town of Sofia, 61 Han Asparuh Str. is an insurance broker entered under decision No. 555-ЗБ in the Register of insurance intermediaries kept by the Financial Supervision Commission pursuant to Article 30, paragraph 1, item 11 of the Financial Supervision Commission Act. You can find out about this by checking in the Financial Supervision Commission, city of Sofia, 16 Budapest Str. or through its website www.fsc.bg.

Netins Insurance Brokers Ltd. does not hold directly or through related parties more than 10 percent of the votes in the general meeting or the insurer’s capital, as well as the insurer or parent enterprise of the insurer does not hold more than 10 percent of the votes in the general meeting or the share of the capital “Netins Insurance Brokers Ltd..

Netins Insurance Brokers Ltd. does not provide advice (personal recommendations) to its clients in connection with the conclusion of insurance contracts, but only objective information to help them make an informed decision to choose insurance. You have the right to ask Netins Insurance Brokers Ltd. to prepare advice for you on the basis of fair and personal analysis, and we have the right to accept or refuse to prepare it. The nature of the remuneration we receive for the provision of our intermediary services is a commission included in the insurance premium and paid by the insurance company.

As an insurance broker Netins Insurance Brokers Ltd. performs insurance intermediation on assignment by its clients, users of insurance services and in this regard represents them before insurance companies.

Netins Insurance Brokers Ltd. determines the requirements and needs of the client and gives advice on the needs of the consumer of insurance services for a particular insurance, only on the basis of written information provided by the client to determine his/her insurance interest.

In case you have complaints from the provided by Netins Insurance Brokers Ltd. service, please submit your complaint in writing to the following address: Sofia, 61 Han Asparuh Str. or by e-mail office@netinsbrokers.com, be sure to provide three names, phone number and feedback address and describe your complaint. We will respond to you within 15 days of receiving your complaint by letter or email. If we need more time to resolve it or additional information, we will let you know that you will receive a response within 1 month of receiving it.

You can also submit complaint to the Deputy Chairman of the Financial Supervision Commission, head of the Insurance Supervision Department at the address Sofia, 16 Budapeshta Str. or to the Sectoral Conciliation Commission for Dispute Resolution in the Field of Insurance and Insurance Mediation (SCC), including the provision of financial services at a distance in these sectors, at Sofia 1000, Central Office of the Consumer Protection Commission, 4A Slaveykov Sq., website www.kzp.bg..

The forms for out-of-court settlement of disputes, which are available to the users of insurance services in the Republic of Bulgaria are: negotiations between the parties, mediation and arbitration.