Do you think that you are ready to take a decisive step in your professional development and open your own local representation?


Your potential clients are already interested in the services of Netnis Insurance Brokers due to the correct attitude, reputation for excellent customer service and expertise that provides a solution to their needs.
Much of your job is to serve these potential customers by calling them for an appointment or serving them on site at the office. Netins Insurance Brokers will help you achieve your goals with the help of local advertising, proper positioning and effective contacts at the local level.


Your talent

You’re a professional—a proven producer with drive and ambition who knows business. It’s time to merge your entrepreneurial skills with a name known for quality and stability into a winning combination.

Your desire

Become a commander, not only of what you’re selling, but also of your future. What you build is only limited by your determination and hard work, with top commissions and six-figure plus income potential.

Our support

Netins Insurance Brokers gives full support to its partners in the process of work and constantly builds their expertise and confidence through effective training – IBS™, national and locally-targeted advertising and a simplified product focus.


I opened an office of Netins Insurance Brokers more than 5 years ago. Every new business has many challenges, but the support I received from colleagues quickly dispelled them. The opening of the office took only a few weeks and from the very beginning I have relied on the team at the central office for support and good relations with the insurance partners.

- Irina Cholakova – Client Relations Manager at Netins Insurance Brokers
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Irina Cholakova – Client Relations Manager at Netins Insurance Brokers

I am happy to have opened a representative office of Netins Insurance Brokers! As part of this company, I am glad to meet constant support in solving a number of professional cases and challenges! It was important that I initially went through training, which helped me a lot to understand the business and gain the experience I have now.

- Miroslava Hristova – Business Development Manager at Netins Insurance Brokers
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Miroslava Hristova – Business Development Manager at Netins Insurance Brokers

My professional career began in 2009, driven by my desire to act honestly, fairly and professionally in the best interests of users of insurance services. Netins Insurance Brokers gave me the opportunity to develop through continuous training and the necessary support in the work process. The many successes and satisfied customers over the years are due to our common mission and values, namely to put the customer first, trust and commitment to the needs of our customers.

- Radoslav Hristov - Client Relations Manager at Netins Insurance Brokers
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Radoslav Hristov – Client Relations Manager at Netins Insurance Brokers



Opening an office in just 2 weeks


One week training course with IBS™ system


Modern and highly professional methods of work


Coordinate and receive information in real time


Useful information about the work process


Assistance in solving problems


1. Can I be an agent with an insurance company or have another representative office?

Representatives of Netins Insurance Brokers offer only insurance products of insurance companies with which Netins Insurance Brokers has a contract. The representatives of Netins Insurance Brokers are not entitled in any way to be an agent to an insurance company or to be a representative of another competing insurance broker according to Art. from the Insurance Code.

2. Can I perform other activities in the office besides offering insurance products?

Representatives of Netins Insurance Brokers have the opportunity to offer over 500 insurance products from 26 leading insurance companies on the Bulgarian market, as well as additional opportunities for additional income such as pension insurance, insurance estimates and more. We believe that the focus is extremely important, and we do not allow other activities to take place in the offices of the General Representatives.

3. Are the representatives of Netins Insurance Brokers employed under an employment contract?

Yes, all partners and representatives have employment relationships with Netins Insurance Brokers under Art. from the Insurance Code.

4. In which cities is it possible to open a representative office of Netins Insurance Brokers?

A representative office of Netins Insurance Brokers can be opened throughout Bulgaria. For more information on which are the priority cities for opening a representative office, you can contact our office network department at info@netinsbrokers.com and send your inquiry. We will be happy to answer you.

5. Does Netins Insurance Brokers offer initial training?

Yes, we offer initial training according to art. 304 of the Insurance Code, as well as internal initial training and we provide you with an operational work manual, which is an integral part of the work process.

6. What is the business model for opening a representative office of Netins Insurance Brokers?

The representatives of Netins Insurance Brokers are professionals focused on the development of the insurance business in the region and building an insurance culture in our clients. The main activity they will perform is to attract new potential customers, as well as to serve existing customers locally. You have the opportunity to develop your business locally, for which purpose you can hire employees in your office and open a network of sub-offices, which will be directly managed by you. Netins Insurance Brokers conducts initial training for the agency’s staff, and it is the responsibility of the general representative to monitor compliance with internal work procedures and to conduct ongoing support training for its staff in order to increase the level of service offered. One of the many advantages of the General Representation is the exclusive program for *cooperative advertising, which reimburses up to 50% of the approved costs for advertising at the local level by the representative. By partnering with Netins Insurance Brokers, you gain the know-how to work with clients and develop your business, saving a lot of money and valuable time.

7. What is the process for opening a representative office of Netins Insurance Brokers?

Candidates for opening a representative office of Netins Insurance Brokers go through a stage of interviews and personality tests, we check the criminal record and criminal background and check the recommendations required before signing a contract. The goal of the process is for both parties to be sure and confident in the right choice.

8. What is the profile of a successful representative of Netins Insurance Brokers?

Successful representatives of Netins Insurance Brokers are sales professionals who are confident and ready to start a business that is built mainly on achieving results. These are individuals who thrive on opportunities and challenges from year to year and never get tired of working with clients. In general, they are optimistic with personal goals for success in life – they see the value of representing Netins Insurance Brokers and understand that nothing good is easy. Perhaps the most common trait among successful Netins Insurance Brokers is their proactivity and desire to succeed through teamwork.

9. Is the office branded and who brands it?

Yes, all representation offices are branded with the brand of Netins Insurance Brokers. The branding of the office is entirely at the expense of Netins Insurance Brokers.

10. As a representative of Netins Insurance Brokers, what rights do I have over the brand?

The representative of Netins Insurance Brokers is not allowed to use, for purposes other than business, the trademarks of Netnis Insurance Brokers, as well as any of the elements of branding and visual identity. Corporate identity, all signs, promotional materials and brand elements are the exclusive property of Netnis Insurance Brokers.