Cyber Liability Insurance

As businesses and industries continue to shift towards digitalisation to drive efficiencies in operational processes, cyber threats are increasingly becoming a key risk. Consequently, there’s a growing need for businesses to ensure they’re protected against such threats. Demand for cyber insurance is increasing due to growing exposures, regulatory and contractual obligations and a heightened understanding of the risks. Businesses are becoming more aware of the importance of cyber security, with an increased number seeking information and protection. But the treat is evolving and there remains significant room for improvement. Any businesses, large or small, can be the victim of cyber attack. The majority of attacks aren’t specifically targeted, meaning all businesses must take this growing risk seriously.

Do you want to know how to protect your business from Cyber attack?


You are a business owner who needs a secure solution to protect your business from a cyber incident or data loss whether accidental or intentional. Your primary objective is to avoid financial damage as a result of data loss and protect yourself against liability for leakages of sensitive information, either your customers and/or counterparties and which may negatively impact your business and lead to lasting reputational damage.


Your business relies entirely on the information systems and the data they contain. As such they are the main and critical factor for the management and normal operation of your organization. Increasing digital dependence of the main functions and activities leads to new significant risks and threats for business. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in cyber risk for organizations of any size and nationality, and the attacks have grown in frequency, complexity, and scale. Today, cyber attacks come in many forms and only part of them cause data loss, theft of intellectual property, material damage and denial of activity. They can lead to significant financial losses, regulatory problems and lasting damage to the reputation of the affected company.


What you need most of all is to protect your interests and make sure your insurance risks are covered. These include: Personal data loss; Corporate information loss; Outsourcing liability (processing by third parties); Administrative fines; Reputational damage; Cyber and personal data blackmail, etc. Cyber Liability insurance covers both direct losses incurred to the insured party and company liability to its clients and counterparties for any losses incurred.

Access to 24/7/365 incident response helpline. Providing a rapid response with access to specialist help when it’s needed most.

Cyber threats can take many forms, and can have a devastating effect on a business. Learn how our input can help reduce the damaging impact of events, and plausible claims outcomes where applicable.

You can protect your business from:

IT systems and data

Reinstate, recreate or restore data, software or websites and repair or replace damaged Computer equipment following a virus, hack or denial of service attack.

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Cyber extortion

Expenses to respond to actual or threatened compromise of the insured’s network or data, including ransom payments (where insurable by law).

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Business interruption

Cover for loss of revenue and additional increase cost of working, including loss of future customers due to reputational damage, following a cyber event.

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Outsourced service providers

Business interruption cover extends to include interruption to your contracted providers of information technology, data hosting or data processing services as standard.

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Data privacy and confidentiality

Cover for claims made against you due to:

  • breach of confidence or misuse of individuals private information or personal data
  • breach of data protection legislation
  • loss or disclosure of third party confidential commercial information.
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Regulatory fines and penalties

Cover for lawfully insurable regulatory fines and penalties, including legal costs, following a breach of data protection regulations.

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Network security

Cover for claims made against you due to your:

  • negligent transmission of a virus
  • failure to prevent unauthorised access that results in a denial-of-service attack.
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Notification costs

  • Cover for the costs to notify and provide credit or identity fraud monitoring services to individuals affected by a data security breach.
  • Also includes the costs of reporting events to the regulator.
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Cyber Insurance from Netins Inrurance Brokers removes the complication from protecting against cyber attacks. We provide comprehensive cover for first party, third party and reputational management costs, alongside expert support – throughout the cyber value chain.